System Integrations

Western United now provides the ability to integrate our system with NISC’s iVue system. This integration is the best and quickest way for you to get orders placed into our system, and receive invoices in return.

The integration is made up two modules that work together.

The first is a PO Integration module that pulls purchase orders from iVUE directly into the Western United system. It is quick and easy and nothing needs to change with how you enter an purchase order into iVue. Considerable time and effort was expended to ensure this integration works seamlessly behind the scenes and without any need for user intervention.

The second module pushes invoices back to you for your approval. Think of it as letting the computers do all of the typing, allowing you to focus on the details of the invoice. We send the invoices directly into iVue, but you still have complete control on how and when it posts. You can modify the invoice if needed and once you have confirmed that it is correct, a simple click posts it into your system. Even with the integration on we still always email PDFs so you always have the necessary back up.

Another benefit is that once integrated we will start to keep track of the part numbers you use. This allows us to put your part numbers along side ours on all documents that you see from pick tickets to ship documents and invoices.

We have also designed our customer portal to take advantage of this as well, with your part numbers in our system you can begin to utilize our customer portal in more efficient ways. Rather than just searching for stock levels by the vendor part number, after the integration you can use your internal item number to search through our stock to see what we have on hand.

We would like the opportunity to talk with you about the integration so please email us at or talk to your sales rep to learn more.

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