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About Western United Electric

Western United Electric Supply Corporation (WUE) was established in June 1976 to provide an avenue for Rural Electric Cooperatives in the Rocky Mountain Region to combine their annual material purchases with one entity and thereby create the buying power necessary to obtain the best available material cost from vendors, as well as prompt shipments from either WUE's substantial inventory or direct from the manufacturers.

Our History

Over the past forty-two years, WUE has become one of the largest regional stocking electric utility distributors in the nation. This was accomplished by focusing on the original goal of supplying superior customer service and working hard with cooperative owners to create a steady and continued growth while providing consistent yearly patronage dividends to them.

WUE is a material supply organization owned by seventy-two (72) electric cooperatives in the states of Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Kansas, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah, and Wyoming. WUE maintains its own truck fleet and has the largest inventory available for sale to electric utilities in the Rocky Mountain Region. Customers are served by WUE warehouses in Albuquerque, New Mexico; Brighton (Denver), Colorado; and Salem (Salt Lake City), UT with access to over 230 vendors' products. While the primary customers are cooperatives, WUE also serves municipal electric utilities, investor owned electric utilities and electric contractors in the same Rocky Mountain area.

WUE is committed to the long-term growth and viability of the Rural Electric Cooperatives in the electric utility industry. WUE's capabilities and experience with inventory management programs make them specifically qualified to provide their customers with the level of "value added" service that is necessary to assure that each customer receives the best price possible, lowest total inventory carrying costs and guaranteed weekly shipments of material.

WUE’s business practices and processes are continuously being audited to assure that they remain the most competitive, most cost effective, and most efficient stocking distributor in their service territory. This is evident in the most recent Electrical Wholesaling annual ranking of the top 250 electrical distributors in the United States. WUE is consistently listed in the top 100 distributors based on overall sales, but more outstanding is that WUE has been listed in the top three based on sales per employee. It is our opinion this verifies that WUE's processes are remaining efficient, and cost effective.

WUE is focused on providing both materials and tools used in the construction and maintenance of overhead and underground electric distribution lines, but also provides material procurement services as a substation and transmission line packager. The W.E.S.T. group can provide material take-offs for transmission projects and also complete pricing for customer supplied substation project bills of material. Consolidated shipments of material that can arrive as needed at the job site is handled by experienced project managers. Over 1,000 substation and transmission projects for the electric utility, wind, oil, gas and industrial markets in over 30 states have been completed.

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