Happy Holidays

It is with pleasure that we pause from the usual routine of business to say Thank You for your friendship, goodwill and loyalty. May the happiness and good cheer of the holiday season be with you and yours throughout the year to come.

Holiday Schedule

WUE Offices will be Closed

Thursday November 22nd - Thanksgiving Holiday
Friday November 23rd - Thanksgiving Holiday
Monday December 24th - Christmas Holiday
Tuesday December 25th - Christmas Holiday
Monday December 31st - New Years Holiday
Tuesday January 1st - New Years Holiday

WUE Update 

The WUE board of directors approved the distribution of checks and certificates totaling over $7.1M (based on member purchases for the period from July 1, 2017 through June 30, 2018). These checks and certificates were sent in early September to all members that purchased products or services from WUE during the fiscal year. The staff at WUE thanks all of their member/customers for their on-going support. Where else can you buy overhead and underground construction materials and required tools or rubber goods testing at competitive prices, shipped to members out of the three WUE warehouses and delivered weekly by WUE trucks directly to your warehouse PLUS receive a substantial year end refund on your purchases. ONLY FROM WUE!

A new member has joined the WUE family (now 70 members strong). East End Electric from Rupert, ID was recently approved as a member.

New employees recently added to the staff at the Brighton location include: Brandon Kibler (account manager for specific accounts in CO) and Jake Miller (a full time test lab technician).

Greg Mordini (current WUE CFO) has been promoted to Assistant CEO and is expected to replace retir-ing CEO Mike Prom next April. Eric Weinberg has been promoted to CIO and will be responsible for all finances and information technology including the installation of a new software system in mid-2019.

Ermco, a cooperatively owned manufacturer of transformers has again extended capital credits to WUE for purchases of transformers from them during calendar year 2017. These credits are extended to WUE members as part of WUE’s fiscal year end patronage.

WUE recently announced that one-half of their outstanding 2011 capital credit certificates are being re-deemed. All members with purchases in that fiscal year received a check in late September.

WEG transformers has announced that they now stock the following three phase transformers. All are designed with a 12470GrdY/7200 primary and with either 208/120V or 480/277V secondary for imme-diate shipment. All units have taps. See your WUE account manager for more information including dimensions. 75KVA, 150KVA, 300KVA, 500KVA, 750KVA, 1000KVA, 1500KVA

WUE has been appointed a Utilismart distributor. Utilismart is a developer of cloud-based Meter Data Management Applications including Consumer Engagement and Utility Analytics portals and is also a provider of AMI hosting managed services for electric, water and gas utility markets. Please see your WUE account manager for a full presentation. Analytics is the new buzz word in business today. In the electric utility market, the benefits of an AMI system are more fully utilized with the use of an analytics package.

A new tractor, an enclosed trailer, a large capacity forklift, a small trailer for local deliveries with our pickup truck and a mule for job site deliveries have all been added to the WUE Brighton fleet due to increased sales and customer needs.

All WUE stock Cooper caretaker fixtures now have a 10kA arrester wired to the unit in order to reduce field failures associated with overvoltages.

Featured Products

TELESCADA introduces the Firefly

The FireFly makes finding a dropped fuse cutout quick and easy. When the fuse blows and the cutout drops to the inverted position the FireFly activates a flashing high intensity Red LED. The fuse can be seen up to a mile away at night so line crews can keep their eyes safely on the road while searching for the fuse. No more hunting with a spotlight.

The FireFly electronics are encapsulated in UV stable moisture resistant polycarbonate. It’s internal lithium ion battery will last up to 20 years in both hot and cold environments. The FireFly’s novel clip design permits installation of the FireFly on an installed fuse with a shotgun hotstick. See your WUE account manager to view a sample. Your utility’s SAIDI performance can be improved.


Youngstown Glove Company introduces their FR Fleece liners

These liners are arc rated and flame resistant and can be worn underneath either work gloves or rubber electrical gloves to provide additional warmth during cold winter weather. They are compliant with NFPA 70e-2015 and OSHA 29 CFR Part 1926.

See you WUE account manager for more details.


Oklahoma Design Technologies

Oklahoma Design Technologies recently introduced a new anchoring system for the electric utility industry. The new hand or battery operated impact wrench installed anchors (available in both temporary and permanent configurations) enable line crews to install a temporary anchor for temporary tie backs (especially during storms or pole accidents) or for truck grounding, or in areas where a truck cannot access. The anchors consist of multiple flites, with the bottom flites being smaller thus enabling less dirt movement during installation and the top flites being larger thus enabling more dirt compaction (thus higher holding strengths) during installation. The manufacturer also offers a new shark tooth rock anchor that can also be installed with a battery operated impact wrench. Multiple customers have had extremely positive pull tests conducted on site (i.e. Morgan Co., DMEA). The units are on std at Xcel Energy but have not yet received full approval by RUS (conditional approval has been granted for specific work plan jobs). More info is available on the Oklahoma Design Technologies web site. The anchors are manufactured with enhanced Cor-ten steel to reduce rusting (rust will only appear 10 mils thick).


Please see your WUE account manager for more details on the new anchor.